Cirrus Energie 900 Age Management system

An anti-aging treatment at the speed of light and sound. Silhouet -Tone is the only manufacturer that offers the synergistic effects of kinetic energy in one single piece of equipment.

An exceptional Tool. Our aging population is in search of quick, painless, safe, accessible and non-surgical aesthetic enhancements. The engineers at Silhouet–Tone have found the perfect age management solution in the Cirrus Energie 900. This combined system provides estheticians, spas, and beauty salons personnel with all the tools needed to slow down and, in some cases, even reverse the ongoing and progressive signs of aging.

Kinelase, a bright idea that will reduce the appearance of wrinkles

The Kinelase simultaneously send out a low level coherent light and microcurrents that stimulate acupoints connected to facial wrinkles.

This results in a decrease in appearance of wrinkles and imperfections and a significant improvement in under eye bags and sagging skin. In short, the overall result is a youthful appearance. This will stimulate blood and energy flow in the skin, increasing cellular nutrition and oxygenation.

Kinelift, bioelectricity promoting beauty

The Kinelift program replicates bioelectric currents found in the body. It is therefore normal that the treatment be virtually painless. The result of combining microcurrents and light emitting diodes that produces light at a wavelength of 640 nanometes, smoothes the skin. More specifically, two lifting electrodes each equipped with 40 state-of the-art extreme superluminescent LEDs, stimulate the skin’s photoreceptors and provokes a cellular reaction. The red light spectrum triggers a wave of energy that stimulates the working and repairing action of fibroblasts cells that secrete collagen. The transmission of microcurrents via the facial electrodes occurs simultaneously, stimulating neuro-muscle receptors and contouring the effects of gravity on facial muscles.

Kineson, a breath of Oxygen

By transferring ultrasonic energy to the tissues, the high-speed vibration provides you with all the benefits of a cellular micro-massage. Sound is energy in motion and, as such, it creates a vibration that is similar to the natural vibrations produce by our cells, and that are transferred form one molecule to another. These vibrations produce microscopic droplets of oxygen that have an oxygenating effect known as Kineson oxygenating effect. As these droplets move into tissues with ease, the Kineson function increases the energy and performance of cells, oxygenating the skin and evens out fine lines and wrinkles.