Complementary skin analysis

A thorough skin analysis with each visit aimed to determinate your current skin heath to help establish your optimal treatment program.

Eyes Bright - Firming Eye Treatment

€ 80

This is dedicated to your eye area to reduce signs of tiredness by lifting, firming, draining fluid, removing tension and softening expression lines. Begins with a unique Biologique Recherche eye massage, gentle peel smothess, brightens preparing for maximum product absorption combined with a mix of high technology: Remodeling Machine, Siloute Tone ultrasound and finally Lightfusion LED to reduce any inflammation and enhance the overall effect.

Deep Cleansing Treatment

€ 60

A personalized thorough pore cleansing treatment that can include variety of modules such as steam, galvanic, gentle extraction and/or ultrasound to eliminate black heads and congestion leaving the skin "squeaky clean". Additionally can be completed with a lightfusion phototherapy.

Back Facial

€ 70

The Back Facial is an exfoliating and deep pore cleansing treatment for one of the most neglected areas of the body- the back. The back facial includes a deep cleansing, steaming, and extractions if necessary followed by a touch of relaxation.

Highly personalized treatments by Biologique Recherche combaining specialized modules to meet your skin personalized requirements

Customized Biologique Recherche luxury therapy (120 min)

€ 150

Customized Biologique Recherche therapy (120 min)

€ 120

Biologique Recherche Introductory treatment (90 min)

€ 100


Module Booster Remodeling face ©

A state-of-the-art bio-electrotherapy for tailored made results. Remodeling face © is patented micro current device that combines the power of four current.

  • Galvanic
    • Improves absorption of active ingredients.
    • Widens small blood vessels stimulating micro-circulation.
    • Cleanses and purifies the epidermis by enhancing the action of the cleansing lotion.
  • Low and medium Frequency
    • Stimulates uniforms muscular effort
    • Tones and reshapes the facial muscles
    • Creates a re plumping and lifting effect
  • High Frequency Electromagnetic
    • Enhances epidermal regeneration
    • Balances the skin
  • Electroporation
    • A high frequency impulse current makes the upper layer of the epidermis permeable and helps active ingredients migrate in to the cells. (Remodelling face is the perfect accompaniment to any 60-minute an essential treatment)


  • Helps remodel the face, neck, and cleavage by effectively treating both the surfaces and the volumes.
  • Helps reduce bags under the eyes and tones eye-lids, making the eyes look wider.
  • Improves the quality of the epidermis and increases muscle tone with a surprising, immediate and lasting lifting effect.
  • The epidermis is visibly revitalized from the first session. The results are prolonged and reinforced with treatment. They are even more long-lasting if the user maintains a healthy life style and uses specific products at home.
  • Helps service upon plastic surgery.
  • Helps prepare skin tissue for cosmetic medicine or surgery and enhances the quality of service-operation results.

Module Electroporation & Cocktail d’Actifs Régénérants

The use of Remodeling Face © with electroporation, a high-frequency impulse current, makes the upper layer of the epidermis more permeable and increases the bioavailability of the serum with its high concentration of active ingredients.

Module RF Mentonnière

Indispensable accessory for the skin lacking firmness. The use of chin straps which lifts the skin jaws and restructuring the specific area of the lower cheeks, the oval of the face and neck. This luxurious treatment includes the most powerful Biologique Recherché products for an immediate and lasting lifting effect. Recommended in a series of, 1-2 weeks apart.

Module Co-Facteurs Biologique Recherche

For even more visible results, you can enhance your treatment by applying a preformed mask (Biologique Féérie or Collagène Caviar) which adapts to the shape of your face to create a specific and intensive treatment.

Module LED light therapy

Non-invasive red LED rejuvenates and heals the skin, infra-red increases cell energy and collagen production to counteract ageing and skin damage.

BOOSTERS (60min)

These technical products are used differently depending on your individual skin analysis and for cabin use only

Soin Lissant

An immediate reconditioning procedure for sensitive, reactive, stressed or traumatized skin. Unique by its application of sculpting technique with employing its strong hydrating, renewing and protecting properties while expressing its unifying and calming qualities.

Soin MC 110

Is all about plumping, revitalising and protecting the elasticity of the skin thanks to its high antioxidant level. A treatment using vibratory massage technique that will leave your skin smoother, brighter, well hydrated and your facial contours plumed and redefined.

Lift CVS

Complete skin care, it exfoliates, lifts, restructures, firms, hydrates and protects against exterior aggressions. A face lift that stimulates epidermal reconstruction to make you feel youthful, energised and toned.

Acide Peels de Fruits / P50 visage

These intensive renewing and purifying skin care peels are based on AHAs and BHAs complex which will exfoliate the skin leaving it revitalised, refined and clear. Unique formula of Masque aux Acides de Fruits includes natural moisturising factor which reduce the irritation sometimes caused by acid products, leaving your skin with no peeling or downtime. It will support the skin with its cell turnover to prevent sluggish skin and ageing signs such as pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles whilst P50 will always stay as a core and hero product of all Biologique Recherchés treatments.

These are some of the essential programs that can be used alone or combined with more intensive modules from the above mentioned to compliment and improve one another's performance


A treatment that regulates sebaceous secretions and detoxifies seborrheic and/or acne tendency Skin Instants©

VIP O2 Oxygenation

An anti-pollution and oxygenating treatment restores radiance to stressed, asphyxiated skin. Specific oxygenated complex obtained by biotechnology increases oxygen concentration on epidermis surface.

Lipid restoration

An essential treatment for skin instant with deficiency in lipids that if left untreated will increase water loss causing dehydration and in overall weakening of the skin.

Biosensible/ Rosacea tendency

A recovery treatment to stabilize particularly sensitive, stressed fragile and/ or Rosacea tendency Skin Instants ©. A SOS treatment that helps repair, stabilise and protect even the most sensitive skin. Great to calm inflammation after sun exposure or laser treatments.

Exclusive stand alone treatents that have been especialy designed by Biologique Recherche

Micro-Puncture Lab© /90min

€ 180

A super booster for your skin. An intensive age preventive treatment which activates collagen production through intra-epidermal micro-stimulation and enriches your skin with an over-boosting cutting edge biotechnology serum consisting of 58 active ingredients. Recommended three to four session every two weeks as an intensive course followed by once a month as a main treatment for three months. The treatment is completed with LED.

Cryo 3R with Remodeling© /120min

€ 120

The treatment that utilises cold techniques to tone, repair and regenerate your skin. This ultimate treatment targets the signs of premature ageing by combining cryo sticks, masks and serums in synergy with micro-current sculpting and lifting technology. The effect of cold components calm and tighten the skin. Ideal for bags, it leaves the skin on your face, neck visibly smooth, plump and radiant.

Triple Lift Luxury /120min

€ 150

An intensive re-sculpting, lifting, plumping and deeply hydrating treatment, it Includes two reconditioning and face lifting boosters followed by manual lift and the application of custom made serums and masks completed with the use of Remodeling face© machine.

Second skin 3d facial /90 min

€ 250

A world latest technology in hyaluronic acid using electro-spun similar to 3D printing patches with 80% sterile pharmaceutical grade hyaluronic acid, these patches are then applied to targeted areas to address fine lines and wrinkles. For those who desires a natural filling effect on their lines and wrinkles without the use of a needle.

Pre and post-operative treatment

Choose from a range of treatments specially designed for clients who have undergone or are planning to undergo cosmetic procedures. Clients can use the treatments to prepare their skin to ensure the best possible results and speed up the healing proses. (A consultation is required to establish your personal programme, in some cases a doctor's referral is advisable)

Pre-event treatment

This is the perfect treatment for a fabulous, photo-ready complexion. A mild peel and a custom blend of quitessential serums combined with Remodeling face© will deliver instant firmness and radiance.


Mesotherapy with LED

from € 120

Superficial micro-needling, a highly effective and an extensive range of sterile active substances by Mesoestetic ® suitable for designing 100% personalized programme (anti-photoaging, anti-flaccidity, antioxidants, protection, restructuring, pigmentation, hair mesotherapy and more).

Collagen Activator Therapy with LED / 90min

€ 120

Advanced level micro-needling improves acne scars, aged skin and sun damage including lines and wrinkles. Boost collagen production for skin regeneration.

Silhouet-Tone Extreme Rejuvenation / 90min (read more)

€ 120

Most advanced non-surgical aesthetic enhancement. An exceptional tool that slows down the ongoing and progressive process of ageing. It combines three scientifically proven technology: LED light, micro-current and ultrasonic frequencies in one treatment. A series of treatment is strongly recommended to achieve optimum results.

Cosmelan Depigmentation program

€ 700

A Clinical strength face peel treatment and homecare procedure to effectively reduce hyperpigmentation. Consultation & aftercare.

lightfusion Photofacial

Is a professional grade light emitting diode device to treat periorbital wrinkles (laughter lines) and pigmented skin. It also helps reduce pore size, improve skin tone and texture and gives a vibrant healthier looking skin after just one treatment. It's a natural, non-invasive, painless treatment suitable for all skin types and conditions.

* choose from a 15 minute booster in conjunction with other facial treatments (such as micro needling and peels for global skin rejuvenation available at € 40 or as a stand-alone 60 minute Light Fusion facial combined with Vitage skincare for € 80